Deleigh Hermes is an independent visual narrator based in Austin, TX. 

She is an avid outdoors-woman specializing backcountry survival training and wilderness first aid to further her outdoor adventure commercial photography and photojournalism. 

Her photojournalism is focused on structures in our human society that affect large amounts of people due to an overlying power, such as religion, agriculture, technology, or government. She looks to document how these mega entities affect the lives of the people through rituals or social construct. 

Deleigh's works can be seen in Yahoo!, Roads and Kingdoms, High Times, Backpacker Magazine and the Economist. 

Deleigh has taken several National Geographic workshops with John Stanmeyer as well as Jim Richardson and Chris Burkard. She has also worked with Ismail Ferdous as his assistant to National Geographic's New American Dream .

 Hermes Productions, Deleigh's non-profit, donates to Médecins Sans Frontières‎, inspired by Yannis Behrakis's work over the refugee crisis in Greece. 


Deleigh is open for assignments and commercial work:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1.713.410.2365


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