First off, my dislike for writing in third person is substantial. So I’m not going to do it. A bit about myself: I grew up with a supportive small town mentality family who encouraged me to use my imagination and to be a dreamer. That has carried with me into my adulthood.  I grew up making forts and riding 4 wheelers, probably way too young for what’s considered “safe”. I also went to a different school every year until I was in 7th grade. All of these things gave me independence, something I believe has molded me to be who I am today and is the reason why I am good at what I do. Being able to mold to any situation and constantly meet new people made me a good listener and interviewer. I never quite knew how important that was until I got older and chose the path of a photojournalist. Effortlessly, I can find a way to become apart of whomever I am photographing and be on their level. It allows my subjects to feel comfortable and to be themselves. I love to become apart of something I’m not, I love getting to be involved in a lifestyle I would otherwise know nothing about. 

I am an avid outdoors-women who explores the wilderness weather it’s backpacking up mountains or into the wilderness to find landscapes that aren’t popular landmarks or road tripping across country. My love for the outdoors is immense and I firmly believe that by being in nature it will make you a happier person.  Follow along the journey of my thoughts and how I create my stories on my blog

Thank you for catching up with me, I hope to explore with you soon. 


I am open for assignments and commissions:


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