Faceless is an ongoing project, starting in 2012, that recognizes cannabis farmers in the Pacific Northwest. With prohibition coming to an end and the rise of the cannabis industry, many small farmers could possibly be pushed out of the business due to corporations such as Bayer, Monsanto, Walmart and big investors making it impossible for the small farmer to survive. Many of the horticulturists predict in just 5 years or less, the industry will flip flop. I am documenting the lifestyle of these people and their journey from illegal, to legal, to possibly being pushed out of the profession. -2016

UPDATE: 2019

Just three years later, three farmers that I have been documenting came to the cold realization that they could not farm last season and again this season due to the overhead being too high. A flooded market, as predicted several years ago, has made it so that the small farmers who have been farming for 10-20 years are now having to find new professions, some much too old to start over.

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