I went to Florida to document hurricane Irma. It was certainly an awakening. It was emotional, hot, sweaty, disgusting, beautiful, and powerful. What inspired me to do this documentation of the whole journey was due to the media thinking it was old news just a week after the storm had hit. When I was arriving on the scene, days after the storm, people were just getting back to their homes. I was witnessing people throwing out everything they owned. I witnessed a woman losing her husband and her home. As I submitted my images, news outlets told me it was old news... and that pissed me off. For the people who went through the storm, this was just the beginning. So here is an ode to all of the victims who I met along the way and to all victims in general. This is an ode to journalism and this is an ode to represent what the victims are still going through. I will be back to Florida throughout 2018 to check in with the kind folks I met that let me in their lives as disaster struck. This is a post-as-I-go journey. Follow the journey on the @hurricanestrongtogether instagram

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