This is for all of my women who have been assaulted.  This is for all of my single moms. This is for all of my women who are independent. This is for all of my women who are broken.  This is for all of my women who are adventurers. This is for all of my women who are scared. This is for all of my women who are dreamers. This is for all of my working women.  To overcome, to inspire, to feel whole, to stand up, to feel important, to feel brave. 

This is for you.

Woman was inspired by a solo snow trip I went on in January. I was moving back to Texas for the winter and wanted to camp (which meant in the snow) on the way home from California to see what winter had to offer my lens.  I researched how to camp in the cold and set off on a two week journey. The first night was in Wells, Nevada. It was 6 degrees that night. The cold makes everything more difficult than it is, but that made experience and the challenge. Besides photos, this trip was to push myself and see if I could do it. The first morning I woke up, I posted photos on social media of the amazing view I woke up to, proud that I made it through the night warm...enough.  I received multiple comments and messages referring to me being a female being alone in the backcountry. People were implying for me to be careful because I was a woman and without a male presence. This bothered me; anyone should be told to be careful, male or female. I had done extensive research and got the right gear to be able to make this happen. Cooking in the cold was hard, starting a fire was extremely hard with wind. My camera batteries kept dying... but I live for this.  I had some gowns with me since I was moving, so I decided to pose in them to say, "I can do what I want," and to show a sense of femininity as well as independence. 

Soon after posting these images, I was asked to my alma mater, Texas State University,  to come and set up at the women's business fair. It was there that a student saw my body of work and wrote me a private message stating that she had gone through some hardships and this made her feel like she could be brave enough and strong enough to overcome it. It became so much more to me after that. It wasn't my independence I was proving, but all womens. Not only that, but for all women to feel like they are brave enough to overcome obstacles in their life. 

This project was created to show anyone to get out there and do you. I hope for everyone to overcome obstacles in life, whether personal, in their career, or in self confidence. I will continue this project by photographing all types of women. 

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Samantha, Adventurer. 4 day raft trip down the Green River. 

Samantha, Adventurer. 4 day raft trip down the Green River. 

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